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Be totally honest with yourself, the one you are dating and about everything that is happening.Enjoy venturing out of your comfort zone but make sure that in the end your date likes you (or doesn’t like you) for who you are so you don’t have to break the “bad news” later.Whether you’re using apps or websites, most singletons would prefer to meet people in real life.If you’ve been reading this blog, you know about my challenges – from finding men I like enough to date to revoking, ghosting, catfishing, breadcrumbing and just plain crummy behavior.Why does this happen and where does all of the attention, compromise and willingness come from?And more importantly, where does it all go when we pass the “test phase” and feel settled in the relationship? For the second April in a row, Bustle, an online women’s magazine, is challenging readers and staff to delete their dating apps and meet people in real life.It’s no surprise that online dating frustrates daters of all ages.

If you notice that you are a best behaviour dater and a master – first impressionist with an inner drive to prove yourself, you are in danger of sabotaging the love that you deserve.Best behavior dating is grounded in the unanswerable subconscious question: “Am I enough for you?” This question is often below our awareness but it propels us to spend our entire dating “test phase” in proving that we are indeed: “Good enough” “Attractive enough” “Smart enough” “Sexy enough” “Adventurous enough” “Rich enough” “Wild enough” “Ambitious enough” Essentially – “perfect enough” to dazzle our date into falling deeply, madly and permanently in love with us.They are poised with flirtatious smiles, fully engaged, smoothing their napkin and checking their teeth while the other person visits the restroom.In the early dating period, we all have stories of doing things outside of our comfort zone with a wide smile that says “I’m willing to love this and see where it goes” even when it means facing your fear of heights, water, snakes and roller coasters.

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