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2014, June 21st: Added 9th mission of "Black Mob Story" 2014, June 22nd: Some changes in "Editions of the game", 10th and 11th missions of "Black Mob Story" 2014, June 23rd: 2 new songs in "World Wide Hip Hop" 2014, June 25th: Added 12th mission of "Black Mob Story", Introduced a new gameplay feature named "Temporary Switch" 2014, June 30: 2 new websites, Added timeline of the story 2014, July 3rd: 13th mission of "Black mob story" has arrived, Added "Drive-by" to the list of gameplay features.2014, July 7th: 14th mission of "Black Mob Story" is online now 2014, July 12th: Added 15th mission of "Black Mob Story" 2014, July 17th: Added last mission of "Black Mob Story" 2014, July 19th: 2 New Achievements, "Weapons" are completed finally 2014, July 24th: Completed Radio Stations' Playlists 2014, July 25th: Published First Mission of "Hot Wheels" Episode, Updated Characters' Section 2014, July 28th: Added second mission of "Hot Wheels", Changed "Updates" list so it only shows 3 latest updates, Added an Online gameplay feature and updated "Gameplay" section 2014, August 4th: Added 3rd mission and first race of "Hot Wheels", Published first version of "Gangs Database" 2014, August 8th: Added 4th mission and 2nd race of "Hot Wheels", Updated "Characters" section 2014, August 15th: Updated Gangs Database 2014, August 17th: Added 5th Mission of "Hot Wheels" 2014, August 21st: Added 6th Mission of "Hot Wheels" 2014, September 1st: Added 7th mission of "Hot Wheels" 2014, September 10th: Added 8th mission of "Hot Wheels"Location of this game is the America, the whole country.This guy, tries to do something smart in Port Santos deal (which you could find out more about it at "Last Week"'s first mission), but actually f*cks everything up! He works at his own car destruction place, and sells car parts to earn money. He has a good drug relationship with "Tuckies" gang and is an expert drug dealer. His gang have a deal with Phil at start of Last Week, which gets ambushed. Andre Thompson She's an about-30 woman, whom we don't know her family name. However, Kate just works for Martha's money, and will not rely on her for long time.M 'Jay' C rapper and is collecting money for starting his own Record Label and sign his freestyle-freak friends to it.He gets revenge from his father's killer, while he didn't love his father too much. Phil Berlitz Appeared in "Last Week" as Protagonist He's a proper German boy, but he's born in Los Santos and his father has gave him an english name. He's a big fan of Hip-Hop and Rap, and wears baggy clothes to prove this!

There are three towns, some villages, a big village named "Downhill", the "Icebabe" mount and also a long road (takes 15 in-game minutes) to the state of Maxie.

Lots of exciting races all over the America and infinite hours of drifting, and trying to have more speed.

Alfie, who most racers refer to as "Wannabe British Guy" has discovered that he can make more money from racing, than being a thief, and wants to make money of each mile of Country. and so that he knows a lot about government, the IAA and FIB's plans and lots of more top secret information. Starting this gang, was biggest effort in Carl's life. After death of Kris (East Redds' Boss), they became powerful because all Redds joined them.

San Alfredo, Douglas and Bestown, the three cities of the state, are best places to die in! Captainstate has three cities and one of them is very famous: Emerald.

Also, don't forget to check Maxie Side Country, the Midway town and other villages out. Emerald City is where the "Retroware" company is located it, and it has a long Communication Tower.

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And that's when he starts to find his way in unkind America and becomes a master in crime. In 2011, he had a tight relationship with Lost MC and both of them helped, but 2 years later, with Johnny K's death everything got finished.

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  1. Following the speed model of raising the stakes by way of a calculated deadline, Once gives you 24 hours to decide if the person you’re set up with is “the one.” If you don’t make a move, they disappear.