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After an initial rocky start, the two fall in love, and even though they face the respective opposition of their two families (The Ramsays and the Robinsons had been feuding for years), the two are married in 1987.The wedding (episode 523) was first broadcast in Australia on 1 July 1987, and in the UK on 8 November 1988, with the UK broadcast being watched by 20 million viewers.

The couple were hugely popular with Neighbours fans in both the United Kingdom and Australia, helping the show to gain high ratings after an initial rocky start.In 2007, Charlene and Scott were both parodied as puppets in The Spencer Show promoting UK pop artist Spencer."Charlene Boomerang" and "Scott Waterman" both appeared in two of Spencer's music videos, "Sun Shines Brighter" and the Stock Aitken Waterman track "She's In Love With You".Kylie Minogue later went on to have a hugely successful singing career after leaving the show in 1988.Jason Donovan followed suit the following year in 1989.

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It does however raise hopes that she will finally provide the playboy ruler with an heir to the throne.

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