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Hurters hurt,” says Esta Soler, Founder and President of Futures Without Violence. In particular, we need to help kids from violent families, kids who have been bullied or kids who have been sexually abused from getting involved or staying in an assaultive relationship.” We’ll be talking about the importance of such programs at a congressional briefing in Washington, D.

“With evidence building in support of the link between childhood exposure to violence and abusive and unhealthy relationships later in life, the need for programs that prevent violence before it occurs is clearer than ever.” According to Sherry Hamby, lead author of the new study, “We know that some youth are just generally more at risk for everything than other youth.

The Office on Violence Against Women consistently gives priority to proven strategies that further the common goal of ending domestic and sexual violence.

Every two years, we submit a report to congress about the specific ways grants are impacting communities.

The other forms of victimization experienced by teen dating violence victims frequently did not come at the hands of dating partners.More than half of victims reported a history of some form of child abuse, with 40 percent of victims physically abused by a caregiver, and nearly 70 percent having witnessed violence in their families.An alarmingly high percentage — 60 percent — had also experienced at least one type of sexual victimization, with the most common types being verbally sexually harassed (30 percent), flashed by a peer (25 percent), and sexually assaulted (20 percent). Among other supporters, baseball legend Joe Torre will speak about the unique role that men can play as mentors to young boys in preventing violence against women and children.October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and 2017 is the 30th anniversary of the commemorative month.This article looks back at the accomplishments and changes over time, but it focuses on the future and how the face of domestic violence may change as the American population ages.

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