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The OTA update begins and then users are left staring at the ominous Connect to i Tunes screen, rendering their i Phone or i Pad out of 1/3/5/7/..* Invoker strength gain increased from 1.7 to 1.9* Centaur agility gain reduced from 2.0 to 1.6* Pit of Malice interval increased from 3.5 to 3.6 seconds* Pit of Malice cooldown increased from 30/26/22/18 to 32/28/24/20* Nature's Guise bash rescaled from 1/1.4/1.8/2.2 to 0.7/1.2/1.7/2.2* Treant Level 25 Talent changed from 20% 2s Bash to -50s Respawn Time* Treant Protector movement speed reduced from 300 to 295* Stifling Dagger base damage reduced from 70 to 65* Luna base armor reduced by 1* Reality Rift armor debuff rescaled from -3/4/5/6 to -1/3/5/7* Fixed Chaos Strike lifesteal ignoring armor reductions* Chaos Strike lifesteal increased from 50% to 65%* Nature's Prophet Level 15 Talent increased from 10 Intelligence to 15* Nature's Prophet Level 15 Talent increased from 15 Movement Speed to 20* Nature's Prophet Level 25 Talent increased from -35s Respawn Time to -40* Nature's Prophet Level 25 Talent changed from 6 Treants to 2x Treants HP/Damage* Meepo Clones are now allowed to pickup runes* Witch Doctor Level 25 Talent increased from 150 Death Ward Attack Range to 175* Sven Level 15 Talent increased from 6 all stats to 8* Sven Level 15 Talent increased from 15 MS to 20* Incapacitating Bite slow increased from 10/20/30/40 to 14/24/34/44%* Zeus Level 20 Talent increased from -35s Respawn Time to -40* Zeus Level 20 Talent increased from 30 Movement Speed to 35* Tusk turn rate improved from 0.5 to 0.7* Enchantress base intelligence increased by 3* Enchantress Level 10 Talent increased from 15 Movement Speed to 20* Enchantress Level 20 Talent increased from -25s Respawn Time to -30s* Geminate Attack cooldown from 6/5/4/3 to 7/6/5/3* Dream Coil cooldown reduced from 75 to 70/65/60* Lina Level 15 Talent increased from 100 Cast Range to 125* Lina Level 15 Talent increased from -25s Respawn to -30s* Lina Level 20 Talent increased from 5% Spell Amp to 6%* Death Prophet level 10 Talent increased from 6 Strength to 7* Doom Level 20 Talent increased from 50 Damage to 65* Doom Level 20 Talent increased from 20 Health Regen to 25* Smokescreen slow from 13/17/21/25% to 10/15/20/25%* Ogre Magi movement speed reduced from 295 to 290 - Fixed Morphling causing performance issues in bot games.- Fixed bots not using the specified difficulty level.- Fixed issue where some team emoticons weren’t working with :pro_team:- Fixed the interaction between Rubick’s Spell Steal, Treant Protector’s Eyes in the Forest and Techies’ Land Mines.

and why should I be charged for extras like this I expected to have everything in this game unlocked when I got it and I now have to earn the crap...

Especially after I gave 5 days before hooking this up I got everything included in the Ultimate Edition except for the Brothers to the End pre-order.

Strippen, lachen und , mehr dazu in deinem Webcamchat deiner Wahl.

Betrachte sie und übe Dich in der Kunst des Flirtens.

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