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To purchase additional Petcube Care subscriptions, go to, sign in with your Petcube account or go to the Petcube Care product page and select the most suitable subscription option for you.

You will also be able to upgrade your subscription for each additional camera from the Petcube App by going to the ‘Home’ screen of the camera and clicking ‘Upgrade’.

Earlier this week, film crews, wildlife experts, and star nature filmmakers were dispatched across the world.

The breakdown: six continents, 16 countries, 28 locations, and 52 cameras in total, not to mention the lions, hyenas, wolverines, crocodiles, bullhead sharks, humpback whales, ocelots, bald eagles, bats, and even weaver ants (to mention a few) the team has been tracking for upward of four years in hopes that they’ll pull out star turns for their live TV debuts on Sunday night.

You won’t have to worry where your fur kid went when it’s out of sight of your pet camera in your living room.

Let’s compare the real house to the one seen on TV, shall we?

There may not be an Olympics this summer, but the world’s strongest swimmers, fastest runners, and most ruthless, blood-hungry survivors will still be broadcast live around the globe.

In an unprecedented event meant to bring the world’s most fascinating animals to your living room in real, unedited time, National Geographic is bringing to you TV’s most ambitious (and, yes, one of its most expensive) live telecasts outside of the Olympic Games. will air live for two hours on Sunday night, July 9, bringing safaris from Africa, underwater expeditions from Alaska, and witty commentary from co-hosts Jane Lynch and Phil Keoghan in a New York City control room simultaneously to audiences in 12 time zones.

The updated Petcube App now allows you to add several Petcube devices to your account and conveniently switch between them to know exactly where your pet is in the house and what it’s up to. To register an additional camera in a single account on either, i OS and Android device, follow these steps: If you currently have two or more cameras on separate accounts, keep one of the accounts as your main account, delete the second (or other) camera from your other account, and add it to the main account.

Even with multiple cameras, you might not always be available to check on your pet.

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Petcube 2-packs and 3-packs are ideal for multi-room homes.

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