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Once I was working on it seven days a week my audience really grew. I’m strict, though – if I buy something I make sure I give something else away.I’m always browsing beauty halls and often end up helping little old ladies choose their products. I spend three days a week at home in my office writing, taking photos, filming, editing, researching, trying products and doing admin.Some brands send me products for free, and I’ve travelled a lot through the blog, too – to Ghana with Comic Relief and New York with [beauty website] Birchbox.But I only ever feature things that I feel comfortable recommending.

Then I’ll spent one day a week at PR meetings, learning about new products.

I have a fiancé but I don’t talk about him a great deal. I’d just graduated with a degree in advertising from Southampton Solent University and moved to London.

I did a post about him once because people wanted to know a bit more about him, and it went down really well. I wanted to stay in touch with friends and family back home in Spain, where I grew up, and here in the UK. I do a new blog post every single day; if I don’t people miss it and complain.

World travel, fashion week front rows, big-money brand endorsements, thousands of dedicated followers… They have brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton falling over themselves to get them on their front rows, dress them and shower them with gifts.

Victoria Moss investigates You may not have heard of these women, but they are fast becoming as powerful as your favourite celebrities.

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