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In this industry, changes in the market are an unavoidable thing and something that I have come to anticipate.I don’t think you can get anywhere in life if you’re restricted by your own cautiousness so my ethic is to dive in, give it all you’ve got and have faith that it will end in success because after all most markets are cyclical and if you have done your figures right you should be safe.It’s quite a busy venue now but we still go there for Christmas and in the summer.The house was basically a building site for years but it didn’t cause any problems with the family.

The production company that made Property Ladder did sell it into America with another presenter, but for one reason or another it didn’t really take off.

We had a building company for about 10 years before the TV came along. Having said that, had I known about it I think I’d have really loved to work in the production of TV shows when I was much younger, as it’s a really interesting sector.

Although, I wouldn’t have missed out the building either so perhaps I’m glad I didn’t get the choice!

Boys and dirt are a natural combination – they wouldn’t call it hardship.

When we spend time together, I try to instil values that were instilled in me about the value of money and hard work.

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Perhaps most well-known for property related television shows in the UK – how did it all start?

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