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Hopper returned to film direction in the late 1980s and was at the helm of the controversial gang film Colors (1988), which was well received by both critics and audiences.

'- Influenced by Brando & Clift- Testing for 'Giant'- Hanging out with 'The King' Elvis Presley- The naive Elvis- On his mentor James Dean: "Until I met dean I thought I was the best young actor in the world, I really did"- The first acting lesson from James Dean- "Jimmy said, 'When you really have to cry you have to leave the room, that's real crying"- James Dean advised Hopper not to study with lee Strasberg in New York- "Dean was the most imaginitive actor I've ever seen"- Where was Hopper when James Dean died? "- Trying to carry the torch after Dean passed away- Fighting Universal after 'The Last Picture' won the Venice Film Festival- Getting blackballed by Henry Hathaway & leaving Hollywood- Hopper chose to take Joanne Woodward as his date, not Natalie Wood- Close friendship with the Newmans- Hathaway giving the OK for Hopper to work in Hollywood again.A source tells Star: 'I saw Trevor, Michelle and Matilda out for an afternoon in the neighborhood.They walked around chatting, went to a pizza joint for lunch and took the subway.(1993), got on the wrong side of gangster Christopher Walken in True Romance (1993), led police officer Keanu Reeves and bus passenger Sandra Bullock on a deadly ride in Speed (1994) and challenged gill-man Kevin Costner for world supremacy in Waterworld (1995).The enigmatic Hopper has continued to remain busy through the 1990s and into the new century with performances in The Night We Called It a Day (2003), The Keeper (2004) and Land of the Dead (2005).

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