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We explain the legislation, how to determine when your car qualifies, and how and what you need to do to make your application.Prior to 1997 a rolling Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) exemption applied to qualifying older vehicles which were, as of 1st January of each year, 25 years old.However in 1997 the rolling exemption was frozen in an unpopular move by the then Labour government.Tax exemption was for many years therefore the preserve of coveted ‘pre-73’ worth in the classic car movement and the industry which had grown up around it.The best way to approach the mammoth list of tasks, including money transfers, is to take them one at a time.

Initially you need to change the tax classification of your vehicle from Private/Light Goods (PLG) to Historic.

Discover what the NIE and Spanish NIF numbers are, how you get them, and what you'll need them for with this guide to Spanish tax numbers.

Chartered Financial Planner Russell Hammond, APFS MSCI, expands on some of the issues affecting expatriates when transferring UK pensions.

According to the DVLA, on application your V5c must show a date of first registration 40 years prior to the 1st January in the qualifying year.

So for example applying in April 2015, your V5c must show a registration date prior to 1/1/75.

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