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Back to the OWASP Testing Guide v4 To C: https:// Back to the OWASP Testing Guide Project: https:// Acceptance testing tools are used to validate the functionality of web applications.

Some follow a scripted approach and typically make use of a Unit Testing framework to construct test suites and test cases.

Locate the Class Library (Portable) type of project. I could have gotten the library to work by adding it to the winforms solution as a Nuget reference, but for this project that was not a viable solution.

Basically if any of your projects need to use msbulid (which both winforms and UWP do) then your library should be New Project which shows the New Project dialog. Next the Add Portable Class Library dialog will be shown. NET Standard your selections don’t mean much here, but you will have to keep your target platforms when selecting which version of the . NET Platform Standard in the Targets section just below the Change button. This will show a warning message about saving changes and that the available APIs could change. This will return you back to the library page of the project’s properties with the PCL related options replaced with a drop down used to select the version of the . I am going with version 1.2 based on where I need my library to run. NET Platform Support section of this page to help you decided on the proper version of the . Unfortunately the winforms application is stuck on Visual Studio 2013 (due to performance issue, 2015 is painfully slow with this solution) and Visual Studio 2013 doesn’t support this project type making a project reference impossible.

Thankfully this Stack Overflow post helped clear up what is required. In project properties on the Library tab there is a link for Target . I added a project reference to my UWP application in Visual Studio 2015 with no trouble.

NET Standard Library and PCL profiles were created for similar purposes but also differ in key ways. This part of the process that took me the longest to figure out. Alternately select the project in Solution Explorer and use the Project [Project Name] Properties menu. It is hidden by default, but if you show all file you will see that the project now contains a Just out of curiosity I wanted to see what showed when I opened up my . As you can see in the following screenshot the platform shows as . Now here is a screenshot of the same library on a computer with an older version of . Seeing the platform change for the same library between two different machines really solidified how awesome the . I did all the thing above and things were looking great.

That is a problem when dealing with pages that reference local resources.

Examples of when that might happen include when local pages link to each other, a page makes use of a separate Java Script file, or a page links to a CSS stylesheet.

The following demonstrates the less secure method of disabling ATS for the app: has no knowledge of where the HTML came from.

Updated version for Visual Studio 2017 can be found here. NET Standard Library can be thought of as the next generation of Portable Class Libraries (PCL). NET Standard Library improves on the experience of creating portable libraries by curating a standard BCL and establishing greater uniformity across .

Recently I needed to create a library that would be shared between an UWP application and a Winforms application.

Use the built-in navigation methods and properties to enable this scenario.

Start by creating the page for the browser view: This results in the following output (loading): Finished Loading: Recent advances have seen each of the popular web browsers adopt technologies like hardware accelerated rendering and Java Script compilation.

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