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Later, to pay for art supplies, she would turn to her first love again.

First she sang locally, then ventured to Memphis at a jingles company.

Here’s how Coolidge says she came to contribute to the writing of In 1970, before she became famous, Coolidge was a respected back-up singer for groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and was dating drummer Jim Gordon.

Effortlessly, Coolidge covered everything from gospel to pop to R & B. I just had to find it.” Concentrating on her solo career, she made an important decision.

“I realized I didn’t need rock and roll,” says Coolidge, “to move an audience, I found my strength lay in ballads, songs.

The finest voice that company had seen in some time, she earned the rather dubious honor of recording a solo single for the company – “Turn Around and Love You”.

Memphis was meanwhile being rediscovered by a whole new crop of Southern rockers like Leon Russell and Delaney and Bonnie. “I just left everything behind and started again.” She was soon a much in-demand vocal accompanist. There was no time for anything …cleaning clothes, getting a doctor …some didn’t make it.” Rita Coolidge was a survivor.

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